We’re proud to have played a small, and supporting role in launching the EOS main net, but we’re going to have to call it quits. After witnessing close up, the heroic behaviour of the community during the main net launch, and subsequent upgrades, we Strongly Recommend Casting Your Vote For EOS DUBLIN.






Because humans live beyond the blockchain

"We see the inevitable conclusion of the EOS network’s market cap to be in excess of one trillion US dollars.”  

This will mark the beginning of the largest transfer of wealth in human history. During this transformation, it is naive to believe market dominators will give up market share and walk away quietly.

If we don’t begin one step ahead, we are one step behind.




With the help of the EOS community and elected Block Producers, we will direct and define investigations.

Investigations could take many forms...

Helping Block Producers, who are placing hardware in Data centers, evaluate the “in house” security of data centers. Many people (not all), concern themselves with vulnerabilities from outside attacks. While ignoring, quite literally, a hands on approach.  This often happens from within the data center ranks.

It is possible to limit access to any given network from the ISP, this is done from a sovereign level. As of writing this, we are creating a channel between EOSARMY and the US State Department. A channel that will open a line of communication, effectively giving us the ability to warn the EOS community before any such actions could be carried out.

We will NOT be policing the EOS network. 

Research and investigations will have an outward focus, that benefits ALL participants. Policing the network, while being Block Producer, is a clear conflict of interest.

Our plan is to be a dynamic and productive member of the EOS community, which among many things, will include building a published knowledge base for reference. Additionally, moving forward, we intend to release quarterly status reports, with guaranteed access for the EOS community.





Patrick Hajek
(San Francisco/California)

Patricks background spans over 20 plus years in Engineering, Physics, and Database management, including working for the Department of Energy Supercomputing facility (number 8 in world Supercomputer facilities, https://www.top500.org/list/2017/11/)

Patrick began his career performing geophysical surveys (utilizing ground penetrating radar and projecting electromagnetic fields into the ground) to discover the prospects of mineralization hidden under the surface.

During this period, Patrick became interested in the processing of large data sets and started to focus on various computational Infrastructure to manage the geophysical data acquired in the field. In 1999, Patrick was hired as a consultant to Ericsson Professional Services. He was tasked with setting up Sun Microsystem hardware and Oracle 8i databases for the Medical Web Portal, www.medbroadcast.com. The knowledge gained from this experience lead to his relocation to the San Francisco Bay Area in Sept 1999, working as a consultant for Sun Professional Services at the Joint Genome Institute (aka Human Genome project). He was tasked to manage large Sun shared memory systems, Netapp and Auspex Systems file servers and other datacenter related activities.

In 2002, Patrick was brought into Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) as a Unix System Administrator and Database Administrator where he has remained.


intelligence PARTNEr


Our primary intelligence consultant is a Europe-based, corporate intelligence firm, with global reach. Experienced in international investigations, in-depth industry research and complex analysis of geopolitical and business issues. Their clients include blue-chip banks, law firms, corporations and individuals, with work ranging from complex fraud investigations, to geopolitical problem solving. 

Drawing on backgrounds in investigative journalism, law and the military, the network of both staff and contractors, prioritise high-grade human intelligence, and operate quietly, efficiently and in many cases anonymously. 


EOS Community Outreach


Yana Bayramova

Yana is a experienced Services Sales Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Sales, Retail, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Management. Strong sales professional with a Bachelor of Arts focused in Technologies and Design from Kiivs'kij Deržavnij Universitet Tehnologij ta Dizajnu.

Beyond the blockchain! Yana has a keen interest in art, design, architecture.


helena wallenten broyhill

Helena is the backbone of EOSARMY. With over 20 years experience as a serial entrepreneur running her own design and brand strategy company spanning the US, Dubai, and Sweden. You can see Helena’s brand strategy and design on the likes of Godiva Chocolate, Adobe, Mattel, Blue Note, Nike to name a few. Not only is Helena’s strategic thinking an important part of our team, she knows the ins and out of running an international, without borders, business within the confines of the European Union.




John Brady

As a kid, John rode his bike to escape the hustle bustle of city living. What started as an adventure into the countryside, turned into John’s first career, as a professional cyclist. Hours of training on a bike does provide time to think. From such a perspective, one can see the commonalities and connections between worlds typically contextualised as inter-discipline.

It was just as much curiosity, as necessity, the world of finance became interesting to John.

The adventures of business became the new catalyst for a multitude of careers. Art, Furniture, Defense, Property, Bonds, and anything else. Then all things intellectual, financial, and philosophical converged, when John discovered EOS.

John foresees EOS becoming a trillion dollar juggernaut. When this happens, policy makers will become active in defining EOS to the world at large. John’s current mission is to help insure we bring in the right team so we, the EOS community, have a seat at the table when this happens.


Eric Broyhill

Eric began his career as a recording engineer. Working with artists such as The Deftones, Seven Seconds, Tycho, The Internet's Own Boy Original Movie Soundtrack.... the list goes on for pages. All the while enduring temperamental musicians, with, as you would guess, ego’s to match. This life experience taught Eric how to “herd cats”. Anyone tasked with organising a group of high IQ, ego to match, individuals, will recognise this rare and priceless ability to move a high skilled group from objective to reality.

Eric’s involvement here is the result of a philosophical collaboration with founder John Brady, that began 20 years ago in the Golden Triangle, sandwiched between Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. Conversations naturally were lined with an undertone of politics, philosophy, sociology, finance, and an occasional drop of whiskey.

In what Eric describes as an epiphany of liquidity, based on socio-economic debates with John, he discovered EOS. Since this moment, John and Eric have dedicated every waking moment into building a team that is truly unique to the EOS Block Producer space. A group that will create a real and measured benefit to the EOS ecosystem.